The ranting return.

I haven’t wrote anything for quite a while, I’ve been completely snowed under with assignments, bugs, first birthdays, and of course Christmas! Today however I’m really having one of them ‘feel sorry for me’ kind of days and this is my most favourite place to be honest and let it all out. So I’ve pushed the looming deadlines to the back of my mind for a bit to have a good whine.

So to start off, I’m really REALLY mad at some of my ‘mum friends’. I’m not really one for surrounding myself around people with kids and socialising with other parents because I just don’t get on with them! I got pulled into a little group of four that I didn’t really mind. One of them is a bit dim and has had a really hard time, another had a baby with someone I don’t like and he left her alone with the baby so we got on great having a bitch about him and then the last one is literally the worst, most annoying person I have ever met in my life. I’m not really one for ‘i hate’ but I actually do hate this girl. So it was one of the baby’s birthdays and she was having a small little tea party at her house, we went to be polite even though I couldn’t think of anything worse. I had to leave early because it started at 4 and I had a business lecture at 5. My dad very kindly offered to come and pick me and my little one up but he got lost. I asked my other ‘mum friends’ if they would keep an eye on arabella for two minutes whilst i went outside to see if i could see my dad (it’s December, i didn’t really want to take her out in the cold if he wasn’t there) I got outside and I could see him down the road but it was a one way street so i ran down and explained to him how to get round and in the right way (not really relevant but I was out of the house about 5 minutes) I go back into the house and arabella is screaming and a stranger has hold of her so obviously I panicked! She gave her back to me and explained how my ‘mum friends’ weren’t watching her and the one I don’t like knocked her off the chair she was sat on and she hit her head. They all then just stood there and watched her cry. Not a single one of them picked her up to comfort her. A woman that neither me or arabella had ever met before had to make sure she was okay. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so mad in my life. I’d love to know peoples opinions on this because I’m not sure If I’m being a tad over the top.

So after all of that I haven’t spoke to any of them since. I think they have got the hint I’m mad about it because they’re being more annoying than usual on Facebook. Being two faced and basically up each others arseholes. so that is obviously irritating me as well.



I’m also a little annoyed with my family. Recently they have been no help at all with Arabella. I feel like everyone else has baby sitters at the drop of a hat and their family’s would kill to look after them but my family aren’t like that. I need some time to myself! I haven’t had a break in months! These past few weeks have really pushed me to my absolute breaking point and I’m not sure how much more I can take! I’m so stressed its ridiculous!  I know she is my baby and my responsibility but I’m seriously about to pull my hair out! Like now for example, she’s cried for almost half an hour for no reason at all. literally just doing it because she can.


If anyone needs me I’ll be face down screaming into a pillow!


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