Single mum.

So recently I decided to try the world of dating websites. I’m not overly impressed to be completely honest but I’ve had a few interests, one in particular though got me thinking and has made me a bit sad.

After exchanging a few messages he said ‘didn’t realise you had a kid sorry’. What is that all about?! why is having a child seen as a bad thing all of a sudden? I’ll be the first to admit I changed massively when I found out I was pregnant, but in a good way.

Having a baby doesn’t mean I’m ‘damaged goods’, it also doesn’t mean I’ve got a complicated life. It means that I’m responsible and I’m not selfish. Yes I can’t go on wild nights out every week but it means I have life goals, I’ve got something there to succeed for. I’m a good person that just got unlucky in love.

It means i dated someone that wasn’t very nice but I got my amazing daughter out of it, She makes me smile everyday and she would do the same for others. I’m not asking someone to come into her life and become a dad overnight. I’m just asking for someone to see me for the person I am, and that’s a Mum and a dam good one at that.


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