Old lovers.

I have been really nostalgic the last few days, I think it’s because I’ve spent quite a bit of time with some of my old friends. It’s making me feel good getting out of the house and obviously these guys mean the world to me but it’s really strange seeing them and my baby’s dad not to be there.

we were all in the same friendship group and we spent all our free time together, we all seemed to spilt off and had kids and got new jobs but we have all come back together recently. It’s making me miss him a lot. He really did mean a lot to me and When we’re all talking about old times and he’s getting mentioned it makes my whole body hurt. It’s like an actual physical pain.

Will this ever go away? Our daughter is 10 months old now and I haven’t spoke to him since I was about 12 weeks pregnant but he still means everything to me. I just so desperately want to move on and forget about him so this pain will go away. I know he’s never coming back yet I still have such strong feelings for him and I don’t want them anymore!!


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