A good old rant.

So I’m at a business school and do night classes as I don’t want to miss important time with the baby, My class starts at 6 so I only miss an hour with her before she goes to bed. While I’m there my Mum looks after her and puts her to bed.  Obviously I’m really grateful that she does this as I know many people don’t have that support. I came home tonight to see that she’s been snooping through my laptop and read a blog post that I was in the middle of writing about my Baby’s dad.

I’m so angry that she would do this, I’m not an open person and me and my Mum don’t have one of them relationships were we talk about things like that. That’s why I write my blog, to get all of my feelings out instead of bottling them up. She hasn’t said anything about it to me yet but I know she will eventually. Am I allowed to be mad because she is doing me a massive favour every week?

I really don’t feel comfortable talking to her about my life as It always ends up in us arguing! She’s so old fashioned and doesn’t understand the way the world works these days. She met my dad at 17, married him at 18 and had my sister at 19. She’s been married to him for 32 years now, she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t smoke, she just doesn’t understand. She has no idea how it feels to love someone and to loose them, she doesn’t know what it’s like to have a baby with someone and for that person to say he doesn’t want to know. When she tries to talk to me about it I just get so mad because she doesn’t have a clue what it’s like!

I honestly can’t stress how annoyed I am that she would invade my privacy. If she’s going through my laptop what else is she doing? I’m now doubting her, I don’t want her going through my things. There’s obviously things I don’t want my mother to see! I am dreading seeing her tomorrow because we have a lot of things to do and I already can’t be bothered with it all!


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