He’s just not that into you.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a hopeless romantic! After the first date with someone I’m already picking out wedding china and thinking if his last name suits me or not. I think this is something most women do, we get attached so easily but why? why do we do this to ourselves? realistically we are just setting ourselves up to get hurt.

I recently started seeing someone and I thought it was going great and he just went all cold on me and said he wasn’t ready to commit to anything, I kept saying ‘I haven’t asked you to commit’ but the more I’ve sat and thought about it the more I can see I probably was coming on a bit strong. I said to him (the next day after I’d stopped crying and being over dramatic) that I understood and I would back off but I’d still like us to be friends. Since then I’ve been using any excuse I could to text him and now he’s just stopped replying to me all together. I keep going over things in my head and I’m finally ready to admit he just wasn’t that into me! There’s no long winded explanation, there was nothing I’d done wrong, he just didn’t like me! That’s fine, there’s loads of people I don’t like but why is this so hard to admit?

I think meeting people when you’re a single parent is so hard! where do you actually meet people?! I always feel like once I’m stood behind that pushchair it’s like I’m invisible! Men just don’t look at you and it’s very rare I go anywhere alone! Then if by some miracle you do meet someone you then have to start dressing nice and trying to feel sexy (something I’ve really struggled with since becoming a Mum) and then you have to actually get a babysitter. It’s like the world is fighting against you to find someone!

Dating is really hard! I would just like to find my ‘soul mate’ now please.


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