Quick post

Before I log off and start my massive Sunday to-do list (whoever said Sunday was the day of rest clearly didn’t have children) I just want to make a quick little post to update you on that amazing wonderful lovely guy I was seeing, you know the one I was a little worried about.

He broke up with me, OVER TEXT. I didn’t even think people still did that! Am i still 14?! Did I just dream becoming an adult?! I’m actually really upset about it because I did really like this guy. He done the whole ‘its not you its me’ cliché. He also said he didn’t feel he could commit to be, I never once asked him to!

I just don’t understand how you can just switch off to someone so quick! he never even replied to the text I sent back to him. I text him again after that which he also didn’t reply to, I’m gunna give it one more shot today to get him to actually speak to me then I’m gunna give up. He’s obviously keeping something from me, either he thinks I’m not good looking or he’s found someone else or he doesn’t want someone who’s got a child, whatever it is I will find out!


I’ve already gone through the stages of a breakup pretty quick

I cried, I text him back with how much I cared, I posted a facebook status, I cried a little more, I got drunk (i tried I was crying to much to drink), I stalked his profile watching him be online and not texting me back, I went to bed and cried some more, I figured out which of his friends I’m going to sleep with to get my revenge (i wont really do that it just made me feel better planning it) and then i cried myself to sleep. I woke up this morning feeling numb but still obviously upset.

I feel like I’m never going to catch a break, is there a rule that says once you become pregnant if you don’t stay with the baby’s father you’re never allowed to find happiness again? Because that’s really how its starting to feel.



4 thoughts on “Quick post

  1. This I can relate to. Amid the madness of trying to raise your children, trying to find a half decent guy is near impossible – and when you do they go and do something like this! I can’t offer much else but – you are not alone!


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